sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2016


We´ve started a new school year with many good wishes!!

 We have done different interesting projects  with our pupils during this term.

We use routines to help students know what they have to do, when to do it and even why and we work in cooperative groups so that  everybody is able to improve with the help of each other.

In September we came back to school and we started drawing and coloring in different ways mixing primary and secondary colors with pencil crayons,wax crayons and using brushes too.We have learnt about the proportions of the human body and we have drawn our self  portraits, a friend's figure, a still life and we have started using grids in different scales to  copy pictures in different sizes.

Last Saturday in October the clocks went back and Halloween came back again. We sang different songs about Halloween such as: the skeleton dance or

 “ Pumkin ,pumkinand we have done funny crafts and projects, such as why Halloween,
Halloween sweet bags, pumkins ,bats ,ghosts ,haunted houses and other scary characters.

How nice were our classes and the corridors in the school!!!

On the 5th November another important  festival called Bonfire night was celebrated in England and we taught about this tradition in the school. It is very important that our pupils learn about  English culture festivals and other interesting customs from other countries.

In Arts and Crafts ,we have recycling plastic bottles caps and we have been able to create new things.Have a look!!

Currently ,we are looking forward to Christmas  and we are sure that there will be  many more susprises waiting for everybody at the end of the term!!!!

You can listen to these songs in these links:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vpl_QeyyfY    (Bonfire night story)


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